ASTRAL(AS) Token Airdrop

Pre-sale Price

1,000 AS

=1 预售已结束

Airdrop Ending

About Us

ASTRAL is a new generation of meta-universe platform native token, which aims to develop the ideal space of the future of the meta-universe, simplify the user threshold, support chain game, NFT, cross-chain, and provide lower transaction rates, promote the meta-universe ecosystem, and become the largest, lowest fee rate, the most comprehensive meta-universe exchange market.  ASTRAL will be community-driven, with core members from the top investors in various blockchain sectors.  


AS is ASTRAL's governance token, with a total of only 10,000,000 issued, intended to create a high price to attract popularity after launch!  One million of them were airdropped by the community and distributed to users for free.  4,000,000 pieces will be pre-sold at a pre-sale price of 1 CELO = 1000 AS. After the pre-sale, AS will be online on first-tier exchanges such AS Binance, MEXC and OKEX.  AS has a small circulation, and the price of a single coin is expected to be more than $10 after it is launched.  

Dear friends, AS token liquidity will be available today  Add on UBESWAP 10: 00 UTC, come with me, to buy the link  

Pre-sale is Live

Total presale: 4,000,000  

Booking address:  0x6d960b43f909F390703A7F38318c87304d53DA8a

Presale price: 1 CELO = 1000AS  

Send the CELO to the pre-sale address using your wallet address and the system will immediately send the corresponding number of AS tokens to your wallet.  

Minimum purchase 10CELO, maximum purchase 100CELO (pre-sale quantity is limited, the excess CELO will be returned automatically). 


Phase 1

In December 2021
  • The project went online and the smart contract deployment was completed
  • Start social media operations such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Open pre-sale and airdrop
  • Start the development of the metasurverse platform

Phase 2

The first quarter of 2022
  • Open to booking a complete
  • Drop out
  • Online ubeswap
  • Start chain game,NFT, cross-chain development work

Phase 3

Second quarter 2022
  • Released to swim
  • Launch Binance, MEXC, OKEX and other first-tier exchanges
  • Launch large-scale marketing

Phase 4

Third quarter 2022
  • Launch NFT trading market
  • Launch the Metaverse project
  • Committed to become the largest, the lowest rate, the most complete variety of cross-chain
  • More functions and more activities are planned